Manhattan Beach Demographic Trends

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The Chamber’s Economic Forum presented interesting trends inFinancial Picture Manhattan Beach demographics.

Panels of experts presented the experiences of other cities facing redevelopment issues as well as some Manhattan Beach demographics gleaned from the last census.  Dave Salzman reported the following changes from the 2000 to the 2010 census.  First, the population increased by nearly 4% to 35,135, but the number of households decreased by 4.58%  The number of households earning above $200,000 per year increased 63.94% from 2,751 in 2000 to 4,510 in 2010.  The number of employed individuals decreased by 9.85%, and the number who commuted to work by car decreased by 15.91%   People who report that they work locally increased 54.23% from 1,643 ti 2,534.

Interpreting what these number means is another matter, but most locals can agree that the population increase is the result of more families moving in to the area.  And as the numbers indicate that these are more affluent families, it might be logical to conclude that there are fewer working mothers, but the decline in the number of employed might also be the result of the economic downturn as well. Manhattan Beach is also attracting owners of small companies that want to stay local and avoid the commute to areas such as downtown L.A. or Century City.

These trends are significant as the city moves forward with plans to attract the right kind of businesses and cultural opportunities.